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We know you've been on a very stressful journey, through tough treatments, potentially surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, endless appointments, and the ongoing stress and anxiety of a cancer diagnosis. We know that when active treatment ends it’s common to feel lost and alone, our expert-led, holistic approach to rehabilitation can help.

We believe you deserve MORE support at this time, not less.

Manageable and effective yoga-based, oncology exercise programmes to support your recovery, from the comfort of your own home.

Guidance for every step after active treatment ends, however long ago you finished treatment. You are in the right place.


We are Stronger Together!

We know that movement and mindset affect outcomes for people with cancer. Change those, and you could be changing everything. I'd love to support your journey back to exercise and emotional resilience.

Our Offerings

Gentle Recovery
for Breast Cancer


12 months unlimited access
  • Online, pre-recorded rehabilitation and wellness programme for women who have completed treatment for breast cancer
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(from) per session
  • Get the support you need in your rehabilitation after cancer treatment with one-to-one coaching from India. For people affected by any cancer type
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Whether you join a Gentle Recovery pre-recorded online programme, or have 1-2-1 coaching you will receive:

  • Expert support for your recovery from cancer through oncology-exercise and yoga
  • Help to regain control of your body and your life
  • Help to regain trust and confidence in your changed or changing body
  • Support to achieve peace of mind of knowing you are doing all you can to avoid disease recurrence
  • Support to feel stronger, more flexible, more toned and fitter again
  • Lessons in lymph drainage exercises to help reduce the risk of lymphoedema occurring or help manage existing lymphoedema (for those of you who have lymph nodes removed or radiated)
  • Support to create a lasting and health-enriching life-style that you enjoy
  • Techniques and guidance to help you feel calmer and more able to manage stress
  • Support and tips to help manage the side-effects of cancer and its treatments

All of this can be delivered to you either as one of our pre-recorded cancer-specific online rehabilitation and wellness programmes, or 1-2-1 online coaching sessions.

India Gooderham

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