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One-to-One Coaching Sessions

One-to-one coaching is available to you if you have had a diagnosis of ANY type of cancer and your oncologist is happy for you to start a yoga-based home exercise programme.

These coaching sessions will be online in most cases, but if you are living locally to me, we may be able to arrange home visits.

After your initial assessment, in which I will take an in-depth history and look at your current physical function and emotional well-being, I will create a bespoke rehabilitation and wellness programme for you and your specific needs and goals.

In most instances we will arrange a video call on a weekly basis where I will teach you gentle, progressive, yoga-based exercise sequences that we will practice together and then after each session I will send to you as a pdf so that you can continue with them independently at home. These sessions will focus on reconditioning your whole body from your core upwards, in a gentle, progressive and effective way. Yoga and oncology exercise can help you to feel confident and comfortable in your body once again.

Yoga and oncology exercise is so much more than just a 'work out', I will also teach you some deeply nurturing relaxation techniques to help you to manage the stress that often accompanies a cancer diagnosis, and again, I can send you these relaxation sessions as audio recordings that you can enjoy at your leisure.

I can also support you with education around topics such as nutrition, lymphoedema, fatigue management, stress management and much more.

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Initial assessment


75 minutes duration
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Follow Up


60 minutes duration
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*You are entitled to the support you need, so do reach out and ask for concessionary rates if funds are limited for you right now.

You deserve this

Are you ready to make a real investment in yourself, your well-being, your future?

This stage of your cancer journey is so important in your recovery;
a regular exercise regime can reduce the risk of cancer recurrence by up to 50%
(depending on cancer type).

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