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Kind Words

I’m so grateful I discovered India during my recovery from major surgery. I was struggling to regain strength. flexibility and mobility and was concerned that I would do myself harm if I tried to do regular exercises on my own. Her in depth knowledge of the body and understanding of my needs engendered my confidence and her unique approach combining her skills as an experienced physiotherapist and yoga teacher was just what I needed. She tailored a gentle program for me which worked surprisingly fast and I would not hesitate to recommend India to anyone needing professional yet gentle, good humoured guidance during their recovery.

Gentle Cancer Recovery does what it says on the tin – it’s beautifully put together and progresses gently, which was excellent when I was first emerging from cancer treatment. There are many facets to the programme – daily walking, lymph drainage exercises, relaxation sessions – but the yoga-based exercise sessions were my favourite and the most useful. I was very weak and wobbly after months of chemotherapy and very little exercise – even beginner’s yoga routines I found online proved too challenging – but this programme takes all these challenges into account and progresses very slowly and gradually.

I got to know India through a friend. At that moment, it had been 2 weeks since I finished my last chemotherapy and 7 months since I had my last surgery. I didn’t feel fit and really needed guidance to feel stronger physically and mentally. We first had an extensive intake interview in which we discussed my situation. India wanted to know everything so she knew exactly how I was feeling and what I could handle. I immediately felt at ease with her. She listened carefully and asked the right questions. After that, we had a weekly session in which we increased the intensity slightly each week. The nice thing is that she starts with a number of basic skills, which you can easily apply in your daily life. Another big advantage is that India has both her expertise as a physiotherapist and yoga instructor. This combination is very nice, because as an (ex) cancer patient you can use both physical and mental support very well. India has a very good concept which will be very much appreciated by many women. Now after almost 3 months I feel so much fitter and feel that I can get back to my old self with the guidance of India! Thank you, India

My sessions with India were brilliant. Thorough assessment and then we worked on a comprehensive exercise routine which was tailored to where my body was at after having undergone breast surgery and radiotherapy. The exercises were adapted according to my progress on the journey to recovery.

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