Gentle Recovery

How it all began

Designing my first offering, the 12 week online rehabilitation and wellness program for women affected by breast cancer began whilst locked-down in Morocco with my little family in our motorhome in 2020.

But when I really stop to think about my story, why I started on the journey to becoming a physiotherapist specializing in palliative care and oncology, then going to India to learn about life and death from a different cultural perspective. To subsequently train to be a yoga teacher for those affected by cancer, and more recently qualifying as a Cancer Exercise Specialist, I realize that my desire to care for people with cancer began a very long time ago…

Some of my earliest and most vivid childhood memories are of witnessing a dear aunt going through treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma. I was only 3 years old and I remember seeing her suffering after her chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy, in pain and nauseated, losing her hair and being very weak.

I remember visiting her regularly, taking her my soft toys to snuggle with and cuddling up with her in bed. Above all I remember my desperate desire to want to make her feel better, to ease her suffering. Thankfully my aunty responded very well to her treatments and now has three, lovely, grown up children (this photo is of her holding me, her hair had started to grow back and she was strong enough to lift me up and cuddle me 💕).

It was that feeling of wanting to alleviate her suffering and to be by her side that I have carried with me through the years and it has given me my calling in life….to be of service to people suffering from life-threatening illness, especially cancer.

I feel very blessed to have had this knowing throughout my life and so happy that I am now able to share all my years of experience, learning and work through my ‘Gentle Recovery Process’ for women affected by breast cancer via the 12-week Online Programme and 1-2-1 sessions.

If you, or someone you know has finished their treatment for breast cancer and has the doctors OK to start exercising then please do check out my Gentle Recovery 12-week Online Wellness and Rehabilitation Programme. If that’s not the right fit, then I am happy to offer 1-2-1 online sessions for people at any stage of their cancer journey.

India Gooderham

India Gooderham’s background is as a Specialist Physiotherapist working in oncology and palliative care in the UK. She is now working as a Cancer Exercise Specialist and Cancer Yoga teacher and is founder of ‘Gentle Recovery’, an online rehabilitation and wellness platform for people affected by cancer. Her mission is to serve, educate and empower people at any stage of their cancer journey through exercise, yoga and wellness online programmes and 1-2-1 online coaching.

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